21+ with BAD MANNERS & DJ Pollitos (Rock en la Bahía)

With 19 years of experience and six studio albums, Panteón Rococó concerts are still full with the same energy and cheerfulness as when they started, making every presentation unforgettable. They have performed in a various number of stages and music festivals in Mexico. Also, their World Tours have taken them to travel around Europe, United States and some countries of South America, allowing them to spread their music to every corner of the world.

2013 was a mayor year for the band, their powerful performance in “Vive Latino” festival gave them recognition from the public and the press. They lead the Corona Fest tour, visiting seven of the most important cities in Mexico, culminating in the Azteca Stadium with a massive concert in front of 130,000 spectators. They toured much of the United States, visited Colombia in two different occasions for the Jamming Festival Bogotá and the Manizales Grita Rock. Additionally, they played over 25 cities around Mexico.

Now in 2014 Panteón Rococó continues his travels and performances, in Europe made ​​its fourteenth tour that included performances at major festivals: Hurricane and Southside in Germany and Greenfield in Switzerland. In USA they played at the Neon Desert Festival in El Paso, Texas. And in Mexico highlights their recent performance at the festival #QueMePregunten before more than 80,000 people. Currently preparing the release of a new single, “Viernes de Webeo” (produced by Chiquis Amaro). This song will be released digitally (second half of September 2014) along with a side B, and accompanied by their video clip directed by Silvia Tort.

Bad Manners, composed of vocalist Buster Bloodvessel(born Douglas Trendle), Louis Cook (guitar), David Farren(bass), Martin Stewart (keyboards), Brian Tuitti (drums), Gus Herman (trumpet), Chris Kane (saxophone), and Andrew Marson (saxophone), were one of the many bands to take their inspiration from the Specials and the ska revival movement in England in the late ’70s. They quickly became the novelty favorites of the fad through their bald, enormous-bodied frontman’s silly on-stage antics, earning early exposure through 2-Tone Records package tours and an appearance in the live documentary Dance Craze. In the early ’80s, they managed several U.K. hits including “Ne-Ne Na-Na Na-Na Nu-Nu,” “Lip Up Fatty,” “Special Brew,” and “Can Can.” By the mid-’80s, the ska craze was over and the band retired temporarily after the release of 1985’s Mental Notes, only to return in 1989 with Return of the Ugly, remaining a live attraction despite a lack of concurrent hits. By the mid-’90s, a third wave ska revival renewed interest in the band. Eat the Beat was released in 1996 and Uneasy Listening followed in 1997, as well as several collections from the band’s peak years.

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