21+ with DABIN , SOBER ROB and ROSSY

Corey Baker, professionally known as Kill Paris, is a multi-instrumental producer from a quiet town in Indiana, USA. Picking up guitar at the age of 15, the musical journey began and soon enough Corey’s life was devoted to the art of sound. From there, he took on learning piano, bass and percussion to soon call himself a well-rounded musician. Years passed while attending college in Tampa, Florida and eventually progressing to Nashville where he would discover the essence of Country music. Country came easy, playing varying instruments in different groups, but Kill Paris was always a project he pursued on the side. The world of live DJ sets has always made sense to him.

Corey would proceed to move between Florida and Indiana in the following years, completely bodying his passion and following his confident dream. He and likeminded artists in the area would “just pack up all their stuff and drive to whatever bar would let them play.” Within those years, Kill Paris came into fruition more and more. Corey got certified in Ableton Training, where he would teach one on one production lessons and hold seminars while simultaneously working at a music store. A righteous move to Los Angeles sealed the deal, launching his career in 2012 with epic free projects available and officially under the name Kill Paris. And just like that — a signature sound was created — effortlessly and tastefully done.

In 2013, KP released his first EP, To A New Earth, through OWSLA and proceeding to 2014’s Foreplay, via the same label. He’s since toured with Zedd, Bassnectar, performed all around the world at numerous music festivals and has racked up over 200k fans

on all his networks while snagging over 28 million plays on his tracks. In 2015, Kill Paris launched his own independent record label, Sexy Electric, where he would release his debut album, Galaxies Between Us. Kill Paris is set to reveal his Awakening EP in 2018.

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