The Bay Bridged on METRIC

You know Metric. You might not know you know Metric, but you know Metric.

Responsible for a slew of synthesizer-backed radio hits in the mid 2000s, most notably “Help I’m Alive,” Metric’s likely blared out your car speakers or over a coffee shop PA in your lifetime — likely multiple times. Formed in the late ’90s by a band of inter-continental musicians whose paths crossed in Canada, they’ve been a staple of indie playlists everywhere since.

Metric are Canadian (and have the Juno awards to prove it) but are about as international as they come — lead vocalist Emily Haines was born in India to American parents and raised in Canada, bassist Josh Winstead is American, and guitarist James Shaw is English. All of it converges to create a pitch-perfect brew of Western rock tradition. Metric is melodic and groovy, but — thanks to their strong foundation of synthesizers — carries a futuristic twist.

As of 2017, they’ve got six studio albums and almost two decdades under their belt. Shaw is also the founder of cult band Broken Social Scene, and Haines and Winstead both recently struck out on successful solo careers as well. They’ve done more than most of us realize for indie rock in their time as professional musicians, and they’re coming to San Francisco to celebrate New Year’s Eve with us, with support from Deap Vally. Considering how many other projects they have on their individual plates, and how connected they are to so many other countries, we’re honored they chose to spend the end of 2017 with us.

-The Bay Bridged