AUTECHRE Mixes And Mystifies At Mezzanine

Autechre windish copy

As the wind starts whistling through our steep hills and the sun begins to set a bit earlier than we’re comfortable with– we begin to let out a large cry with the impending realization that festival season has come and gone. But thankfully, the good people at Another Planet Entertainment know we need one last HURRAH–Treasure Island Music Festival–before tucking away our synthetic flower crowns & fringed tops (jk) for the winter months.

This October a stellar lineup is set to appear on the oceanic gem of SF, but it’s the night shows that really have us raring to go. On OCTOBER 16th APE is bringing the ever-elusive, perpetually-puzzling, experimental techno duo, AUTECHRE to MEZZANINE and we’re freaking out.

The infamous Warp Records duo has been preeeeetty hard to pin down in the States seeing how it’s been a WHOPPING SEVEN YEARS since they last toured over here. We have a strong feeling it’s going to be worth the wait. With the massive album Exai under their belts–fully ready to debut live over here–and the colossal four hour Dekmantel Festival mix just released, they’ve got a lot of momentum, and we’re ready for it!