French Pop Invasion!

Get ready to break out your berets, because this week at MEZZANINE there will be a French Pop Invasion!

First up in our French takeover is the enchanting electo-pop duo, Lilly Wood & The Prick, consisting of vocalist Nili Hadida and guitarist Benjamin Cotto. The pair originally met at a café in Paris and instantaneously realized their mutual creative connection. They started working together, and fell into the hands of guitarist Pierre Guimard, who guided them through the release of their first EP Lilly What and the Who? Riding off the success of the EP, their debut album, Invincible Friends was extremely well received by the French, earning them the “Revelation of the Public” award for the Victoires de la Musique in 2011. They released another album in 2012 titled The Fight, and took a much needed break, until a little remix by producer Robin Schulz brought the song “Prayer in C” to new, global heights. While neither Nili nor Benjamin are named Lilly Wood or The Prick, they opted for a name that sought to “reflect the transition from childhood to adulthood,” something that is easily recognizable in their music. With influences from Fleetwood Mac, Blood Orange, and The Rapture combined with their French ease and stunning vocals, it’s easy to see why this duo is making its way up the charts across the world.

The second group gracing our stage is a pioneer for the French electro-pop movement in the United States, and that group is Yelle. While many believe Yelle to just be a solo French pop princess, the singer and founder, Julie Budet, has the assistance of dynamite producers GrandMarnier and Tepr rounding out the Yelle crew. The name Yelle, originally was YEL, an acronym for You Enjoy Life, a message they truly embody in their music. With jazzy synths and whirling beats its no wonder this team has taken the world by storm. The band originally made their mark with their single “Je veux te voir” which was featured on debut album Pop Up, as well as the iconic track “A Cause Des Garcons”. Their second album Safari Disco Club maintained their electro-dance anthem status and even garnered them a spot on Katy Perry’s UK tour, which also spawned a “Hot n Cold” remix that caught the attention of THE Dr. Luke. The bands followed Dr. Luke to his label Kemosabe, and have now released their third album Completement Fou. It features a more grown up sound, with a more dynamic production and thoughtful melodies, while still sticking true to their poppy roots.

So get on your dancing shoes, and prepare for the French Invasion and perhaps a French kiss April 8 and 9th at Mezzanine.

– Tessa Patel