Hot Chip DJ’s return with The 2 Bears


Since their official formation in 2000 by old school friends Alexis Taylor (vocals/keyboard) and Joe Goddard (beat master/vocals), Hot Chip has been creating sounds that constantly challenge what pop music can be. Comparable to bands like LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip began making dance music that was both experimental and accessible, incredibly danceable and at times it included some very intimate lyrics.

After their debut LP Mexico and self-released San Frandisco CD, they released their first album Coming Out Strong in 2004. Around this time Felix Martin (programming/synths), Al Doyle (cello, synths, guitar, horn) and Owen Clarke (guitar, synths & visuals) joined the band and brought their unique perspectives to form what we know as Hot Chip today. Their big hit was in 2006 with the release of their second album The Warning. Singles like Over and Over and Boy From School gave them a wider recognition and got attention from critics. After that it has been one successful album after another with huge hits like Ready for the Fall, One Life Stand and Look at Where We Are.

These days, the guys have spread around and have different music projects of their own but continue to DJ together. Their last SOLD-OUT set at Mezzanine earlier this year, Alex and Al had everyone dancing from start to end. This show promises to be as exciting as their last one. You will not want to miss out!


Photo courtesy of Instagram user @twentytwos


The 2 Bears is a side project of Joe Goddard with Raf Rundell. The British duo produce original material mixing an array of genres such as 2-step, house, hip hop and soul. Be sure to check them out on their first performance at Mezzanine!

-Mariana Camacho